About Jenny Berkeley


Jenny BerkeleyJenny Berkeley is a passionate medical professional with a desire to see patients take responsibility for their health and wellness destiny.

Jenny is a nurse with over 24 years in the medical profession. She is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist (CHN), a raw food chef, a best-selling kindle author, a health educator, creator of the Holistic Health Nurse book series, author of numerous articles on various aspects of holistic health and wellness,  and the co-publisher of Canada’s premier holistic lifestyle magazine for the Vegan and Raw-Vegan community.

Jenny’s teaches and lectures in the community and in the hospital environment too.

Jenny’s even had a meeting with the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago about health and wellness and the need for organics on the island.

Jenny also created a bi-annual health conference which she started in 2008 where she invites speakers to talk about the raw-living food lifestyle. Her next one will be held in 2015.

 Jenny’s Media Appearances

Jenny has been featured on television a few times and on the radio. Above you can see Jenny on Dr Lana’s television program talking about the benefits of a rawfood lifestyle and wheatgrass and sprouts.
Above you can see Jenny on the national radio program in Trinidad and Tobago. Jenny was interviewed by the island’s most famous journalist, who interviewed heads of state, royalty, and Mother Teresa. Jenny was talking about the work she is doing in Canada to promote healthy lifestyles and the need she saw for more organics on the island.



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