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Eating4Eternity: Unlock Your Holistic Health Lifestyle is a practical guide full of explanations of the intricate functioning of our bodies and how they process the nutrients and non-nutrients that we put into them. Written by an experienced nurse and raw-vegan diet advocate, the pages contain an amazing amount of wisdom and knowledge about the workings of our bodies and the many ways that they are affected by our daily health choices. Throughout the book is the reminder that each person has control of their behaviors; and so many more of these than we want to admit really do contribute to our overall health. Basically, bad eating=bad health – if not now, then down the line. The effects are cumulative, though they can be reversed. We can get a second chance, and of course, it’s best if we choose to take it before we’re hit with horrible ailments that will need ongoing care and treatment.


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Jenny Berkeley’s second book in her Holistic Health Nurse Series is a sweet treat, indeed! There is so much good information in this book, that it’s hard to summarize. Jenny provides a great deal of basic information for people who want to try out raw vegan foods the most fun way – with desserts! All of these desserts, however, provide essential nutrients, which are explained throughout. So, the book starts with tools and ingredients that are essential in raw dessert preparation. Along the way, there’s always explanation of why the concepts behind the work are important to the author and to everyone’s health. Preparation work that can seem difficult or time-consuming to anyone unversed in this type of kitchen work is broken down into easy-to-follow steps. Jenny has a way of showing us how creating raw food treats can be fun, and always fulfilling as every creation contributes to our good health! As a bonus, the recipes are accompanied by well-thought-out photos. You will love it!


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This highly anticipated third book in the holistic health nurse series is going to provide you with insights that will have you looking at your colon with new eyes. When you finish reading this book, you’ll know some very important steps to creating your own colon by design.


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This book is a short book with the purpose of taking a look at the issue of food security and the fundamental right of every human bring to get access to good quality food. But it does not stop there. Along the way the authors asks readers to examine their own food choices and the ripple effect that poor choices are having in their present lives, their larger communities, and the future generations. The authors take you on a journey as you consider the upcoming food crisis facing nations in the near future. You also consider how movements like the locavore movement can help you and your community. In keeping with the Holistic Health Nurse Series, this book does advocate a plant-based diet for many reasons, health being one of them. If you are concerned about food at all, or care about the state of our food supply, then this is a must have book for you.

About The Holistic Health Nurse Series(TM)

The Holistic Health Nurse SeriesTM is a series of educational resource created by Jenny Berkeley with a focus on helping people understand the concept of holistic health and wellness. In the series, many topics will be covered, and there will be some great recipes included.

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