Cool Projects


Jenny BerkeleyJenny’s is often very busy but she loves to collaborate with other like minded individuals to help promote a better lifestyle for humans, animals, and the planet.

Below are some of the things she has been involved with via her various organizations. If you are looking for a joint venture arrangement with Jenny, please use the contact form (here) to submit your piece for consideration.

DOCUMENTARY PROJECT (expected out by mid/late 2015)
Jenny has agreed to be part of a documentary project on a holistic approach to health. Jenny was honoured to be a part in helping this project to success. When Jenny is at liberty to talk about it, more details will be released.

Jenny, via EternityWatch Magazine and Eating4Eternity supports various smaller speaking events, workshops, and other types of events aligned with our mission and our beliefs.

This health project to help people in the Georgetown area learn about the true path to health was another great event that Jenny was pleased to support via the magazine.

RAWSTOCK Niagara-on-the-lake (2012)
Jenny, via her magazine, EternityWatch, was the official media sponsor for this first time event to the Niagara-on-the-lake region. Jenny was delighted to support this event.

Toronto RAW VEGAN Festival (2011)
Jenny, via Eating4Eternity, was one of the sponsors for the very first event. She, along with her partner, did many things to support this first event with promotions in the Durham region, and more.

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