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Accomplishments & Achievements
A few of her accomplishments:
2016, Her magazine now goes into hospitals across Ontario
2015, Featured in the documentary, The Wellness Story
2014, Signed on to be part of a holistic health documentary
2014, Conducted Diabetes Workshop For Staff
2014, Toronto Star Nurse Nightingale Nominee
2014, Represented Plant-based Nutrition at Scarborough Hospital Leadership Forum featuring the Center For Integrative Health
2014, Digestion & Colon Health Lecture at Scarborough Hospital
2014, Launched latest book
2013, Meeting with the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago
2013, Nationwide interview on Trinidad Radio Station
2012, Launched The Holistic Health Nurse Book Series
2011, Winner of the CarrotFest Culinary Contest

Royalty Free Reprintable Articles
I remember how tough it was in the beginning getting articles and story ideas. If you are doing a community newsletter on holistic and wellness, you can reprint the articles in this section from me with my blessing. Here’s how to use it:
1) Use the complete article (no tweaking, changing or modifying)
2) It must state written by Jenny Berkeley, RN, CHN
3) It must include a link back to my website,
4) You must NOT use my article as an ad piece to sell a product.

Royalty Free Article List
1) Why Good Health Is Your Choice by Jenny Berkeley (Word Doc)
2) Coming soon
3) Coming soon
4) Coming soon

Selected Quotes From Jenny
You can use these as motivational quotes, health quotes, or as needed.
“Good health is your birthright, keeping it is your choice.” ~ Jenny Berkeley
“A holistic approach to health involves looking at your dis-ease in relation to your entire lifestyle, then finding a solution that encompasses your whole life.” ~ Jenny Berkeley
“A raw-vegan diet that is 70% to 80% raw will greatly benefit the human body and help the body to begin healing itself.” ~ Jenny Berkeley
“Always work with a qualified professional to help you on the journey. You can do it alone or do it cheaply with an unqualified person but you are taking all the risks at that point.” ~ Jenny Berkeley
“Peace, love, and gratitude.” ~ Jenny Berkeley
“God is key to your healing because you are a spiritual being inside a body. He can speed up your journey so why try to go it alone.” ~ Jenny Berkeley

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